Moshe Amar

Interdisciplinary artist, curator, designer and project manager in art design and education.
Bezalel Academy Graduate.
Scholarship from governments of France and Germany.
Head of art program in art school.
Curator and manager of Kikar Gallery in Old Jaffa, 1984-1999.
Head of student art program in Tel-Aviv Museum, 1992-1996.
Founder, manager and curator of the Holon Interdisciplinary Center for Art and Science, 1996-1996.
Founder and manager of design project in Avny Institute, 1992-1997.
Works and creates in Old Jaffa.

Prizes in Israel and abroad

For posters, stamps, books.
Design of the Israeli national custume.
Design of fashion collection for Egypt.
"Oscar" for excellent teacher 99 - Board of Education.

Selected exhibitions and projects

Design and artistic management of two Tel-Aviv carnivals.
Designer and curator of Jaffa Nights festivals.
Designer and curator of dozens of interactive and artistic exhibitions.
Participates in dozens of solo exhibitions in Israel and abroad.
Designs and installs sculptures in various places in Israel.
Designs and creates projects in computer art.
Designs the "Golden Screen 1999" statue for TV broadcast competition.

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