"Homage to Rosalda"

Museum Gilardi is organizing Varda Carmelie's "Homage to Rosalda" exhibition, as a homage to Rosalda Gilardi Bernocco. Rosalda, a well-known artist, was the owner of Spazio Gilardi, the moving spirit and the creator of the place and the museum.

Varda Carmeli deals in her Mixed media works with birth and death through disclosing fragments of ancient cultures, renewing them and thus creates a new world. This influence was born out of observation of geological and archeological resources in different places around the world in which she absorbed during the years spent in various, exotic countries - which for her were magical.

The intensity of the experience has created a synthesis which led to internal observation and outbreak of creation. The spectrum and choice of Varda's colors is influenced by the materials and the ways they change over time: erosion, rust , etc. The visible result is spirituality within the material, expressed, among other things, an amorphic, cracked, primordial foundation, architecture of space light and motion.

Varda's works express her ambivalent relationship of the reality: on the one hand, within a mixture of thoughts, logic and rationale, she divides the work's format to defined geometric plans, angles, and bracketed frames. On the other hand, she has created the contents of these spaces with unrestrained energy and sensitivity, which flows in her creations with definite spontaneity.

Throughout the creative process, she starts and finishes without prior planning, without preliminary sketches. Layers and layers of color pile one on top of the other, creating a wonderful game of hiding and discovery, covering and exposure, gluing and peeling .

For Varda, there are many possibilities involved in the creation of a work of art, the colors' particles and the mixing of additional materials are endless. As if using a magical wand, she pulls apart and puts together the piece into small details, sometimes very marginal, and the variations are infinite. The surprising result exposed at the end of her work excites her.

Varda relates to life in a similar fashion. She does not take anything for granted; she believes that everyone must act, to dare, and to contend with challenges whether they be big or small, at times to be surprised at the act of contention itself.

Art makes a bond between people, countries and times. The equality of the names (Varda in Hebrew is equal to Rosalda) and her Mixed media artworks are making the connection to Rosalda's art.

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Varda Carmeli - Exhibition at Museum Gilardi, Forte dei Marmi, Lucca, Toscana, Italy
From: 20.9.2002 to: 30.9.2002

e-mail: info@museogilardi.it

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