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"Utopia" 1997
Greek marble
Positioned in Changchun, China
"Mutation" 1999
Greek marble and construction iron 180x50x50
"Icraus" 1996
Turkish marble (marmara) 150x45x15
"Let There Be Light" 1998
Turkish marble 200x200x36
Positioned in Reut
"Let There Be Light"
"Declare Peace"
"Declare Peace" 1996
Turkish marble and basalt 81x100x39
"Wild Grapes" 1998
Turkish stone and
olive tree wood (burned) 190x160x140
"Wild Grapes"
"You Promised a Dove"
"You Promised a Dove" 1999
Greek marble and olive kernels 70x86x30
"Settlement" 1998
Hebron stone and olive kernels 120x55x50

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