The Meaning

Observation is not only the act of viewing; it is anticipation. It is waiting impatiently for the expected, in other words, for a future determined long ago. The expected is hope. This is an attempt at prediction, of the expectation of the expected future.

Observation is not only examination; it is also attention, willingness, readiness, an attentiveness maintained within a changing reality.

Observation can be passive or active, protective, inspective, tension filled.

(The words in italics derive from the same root word in Hebrew).

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turkish marble, painted steel and stainless steel cables

The Sculpture

The sculpture is built in a painted, sky blue steel frame, resembling a window. Withinin, suspended by stainless steel cables, is a slab of Turkish marble weighing 5 tons, in the form of an eye. Found within the stone is a deep gouge and holes allowing through them the penetration of light and observation. The sky blue color of the frame, on the background of the heavens, transmits distance, future, expectation. The heavy stone, suspended by thin cables, creates continuous tension, anticipation.

The Location

The sculture stands on the bank of the Ayalon Freeway (the primary traffic artery of the Tel-Aviv area), opposite the main train station of the Dan Region, adjoining a projected bridge connecting the cities of Tel-Aviv and Ramat Gan, in the Diamond District ("Bursa"), Ramat-Gan.

This is a central activity area, perhaps the most central in all of Israel. Traffic in all its forms is non-stop. Here, they meet. This flow, the elixir of life for the country, is tension filled.

The sculpture is mounted between two new office towers, in a changing, developing area. The surrounding everyday life is teeming: industrial production, hi-tech, offices, commerce, hotels, nightclubs, gambling, sex, crime - everything which influences our modern life happens here, and at a brisk pace.

As the third millennium unfolds, the anticipation and the observation are the present tense of life here, and they are the future as well.

The new window wrapped structures are built from industrial steel materials, glass, aluminum, stone facing, etc.. The sculpture is made from materials connected to the surrounding architecture and its location - marble, painted steel, and stainless steel cable. The connecting bolts are industrial.

The sculpture was mounted in January, 2000.
Parameters (in meters): 7.4(h) x 3.3(w) x 0.4(d)

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