Yoram Lilach

The work of Yoram Lilach focuses lately, again and again, on the world of concepts and the myths of the first period of the establishment in Israel - the period in which his own parents were pioneers. Having this in mind, Yoram made use of poems, mainly the poems of the national poet Haim Nahman Bialik.

Haim Nahman Bialik had the ability to express the spirit of that period. Although one generation has already passed since the poet died, his poems are admired very much by Yoram Lilach, who knows most of his poems by heart.

The poems respond in a direct way to the external stimulation and expresses it through the use of the authentic communication - though words. Due to this, many are able to read it without deep comments.

"Milestones for Peace" 1/12/99 Tel-AvivThe union between the artist and the poet creates a stream if a mutual message of a most special kind. Yoram Lilach needed to create such a meeting through which a union between the plastic work and the public is possible. The poem "The Last Dead of the Desert" was the source of enrichment for this work, hoping to see a meeting between the words of the poem, the plastic art and the public.

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There are more works in the studio and it is possible to get training in screen-printing.

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