In the late seventies Lilach's work of art had come to a revolutionary turning point. Until that point he used, in his painting, sharp colours and materials such as marmor-dust. Lilach himself regards this phase in his creative work as an exploratory period. The end of it was due to an invitation to participate in a study projecy at the School of Arts, Skidmor College in New York, where he could learn from the most famous Pop and Concept teachers in America. Lilach, as a result, abandoned his former style in favour of the almost monochromic screen-print, whil still using certain elements of the Pop Technique such as duplications and quotings. Lilach emptied their original ideas by replacing them with a new content. From now on Lilach concentrates on printing techniques, and he studies the various techniques in "Ulano" in Zurich. With printing, Lilach says, he can express immediately and fast what he wants to say. Moreover, it enables him variety and flexibilty. Memory and Oblivion - for Lilach, a drawer full of memories opens up, so as to urge him to duplicate repeatedly all that is stored in for him there, and he repeats that in different nuances. The fadaed already Cliche, had become dim and broken or cracked, nevertheless, in Lilach it is innate. Through the screen, Lilach uses in all his works, one can penetrate to the Artists past. The net becomes a protective membrane, which serves as a transparent viel.

Anothe mith with which Lilach occupies himself is the myth of Piccaso. Reading his biography, he decided on a trip to Spain to witness the natural environment of the artist, and to study his portraits.

The recent trend of deteriation of the Pioneer's ideas arouse in the artist Lilach questions regarding morals and principles. Seeking for answers and for guidance brought him to the world of art, and to the great artist Piccaso. Right now Lilach is absorbed in Piccaso, treating his art gently and with much respect. The results of this engagement with Piccaso are impressive and Lilach got an invitation to exhibit his work in Barcelona in the coming Fall. Lilach exhibited already in the Netherlands and participates permanently in the international "Mini Print" in Toronoto, Barcelona and in New Mexico. He had also a few exhibitions in Israel, beside teaching at the school of design in the "Emek Jezreel College".

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